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One of first posts was about Victor Johansson’s Ceramic Stereo, from Sweden. He collaborated with Zasaa Kavuma and Kilian Bochnig to create Chüne, a playful social music that could change the way you curate a music playlist for parties. Here is an exclusive interview with him about this new innovation.

  • Hi Victor ! Could you introduce yourself ?

Victor : Hi, Well my name is Victor Johansson. I was born in the south of Sweden where I studied Product Design at Malmö University. After I got my BA-degree there I moved to London and continued my studies at Central Saint Martins MA-Industrial Design. I graduated in June and I’m now working in the UK as a designer.

  • Could you present us Chüne, your last project ?

Chüne is a playful social music service that intelligently curates playlists depending on who is around, and how much fun they’re having. It is the outcome of a three months long internship at digital design consultancy called Clearleft. I did this internship together with two other interns, Zasaa Kavuma who had a background in robotics and Kilian Bochnig who is currently studying multimedia design. We got handed a very open brief that read « turn a current active digital behaviour in to a passive one ». After two months of ideation, research and uncovering of insights we got to our concept: Chüne.



  • How does it work ?

The idea was that, when you show up to a party or gathering, your taste in music should be added to the playlist with as little effort as possible. You pull out your phone and tap it on top of Chune. If you have never used Chüne before you receive a link to a web-app where you can choose your taste. The optimal scenario though is a bit different. If you have the Chüne-app (or plugin) all you have to do is to tap the Chüne with you’re phone, that’s it. The app or plug-in knows your taste from what you have been listening to and because of this you don’t have to make any selections.




  • Is it possible to choose a category of music to listen ? How ?

We decided to go with a « Vibe » function. So you can’t choose a category but you can decide to turn up (or down) the vibe which will alter the selection of music that’s being played.


  • Where did you get your inspiration to create Chüne ?

Inspiration to create Chüne came from our research that looked at behaviours created by technology. And in terms of visual inspiration a lot of it came from DJ equipment and old-school hi-fi with lots of knobs and dials.

  • What was your creation process ?

To break it down in numbers it looked like this. 120 concepts and 8 behaviours turned in to 15 concepts and 1 behaviour-area this was then compressed down to 5 concepts based on this one behaviour-area. We then voted with the team at Clearleft on one concept to take forward, and this was Chüne (or social radio which was the working title).


  • You were a team of three persons to realise this project, what did you do ?

My role in the team was Industrial Designer, so I was in charge of physical design, prototype-making, visualisations  and so on. But we all very much shared all the responsibilities within the project.

The team picture – from left to right : Zasaa KavumaKilian Bochnig and Victor Johansson.


  • Have you planned to get Chüne to market ?

Not at the moment but let’s see what happens.

  • Designers convey their feeling through their works, what message do you convey through your creations ?

One thing I try to incorporate in all my designs when it comes to consumer electronics is to make it less intimidating, to make devices that are inviting to touch, use and play around with.

  • What would be your next project ?

My next project will be with Indie, a very exciting project to be on the lookout for :

Thank you Victor !

You can discover the Ceramic Stereo made by Victor Johansson just here.

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